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Planning a road event in the Iventis Planner: Download your FREE guide

Road events encompass a diverse range of formats and disciplines, from motorsports and cycling to running races and even torch relays. No road event is the same, but they all share fundamental elements pivotal to their success. So, whether event organisers are planning a marathon, torch run or a road-based motor race, our new Road Events guide is designed to help. 

Iventis empowers event professionals to plan extraordinary events, and road races are no exception. To support road race organisers, we’ve developed a guide that navigates the journey of planning a successful road event using the Iventis Planner.  

To dive right in, download our guide here. Alternatively, if you’d like to delve deeper into the planning process and discover what planning a road event with Iventis entails, keep reading for more insights. 

Support from start to finish 

Your event may be open to thousands of participants or a small number of elite competitors, but events of every scale, budget and prestige require clear visual plans and maps to ensure success. You’re likely to collaborate with diverse stakeholders and agencies, each with unique concerns and authority levels. Furthermore, road events cause disruption, and it is critical to inform the public about these potential impacts.

The Iventis Planner is designed to bring organisers, stakeholders, and agencies together within one visual planning platform. It helps road event organisers to create visual map-based plans, share them with agencies and stakeholders, and collaborate on plans in real-time.

So, if you’re currently relying on CAD software, which demands significant time, money, and expertise, or juggling multiple applications like PowerPoint and Google maps to assemble plans together, stop! Explore our guide. It offers a comprehensive, step-by-step approach to crafting detailed road event plans.  

Seamless planning in one place 

The Planner boasts a myriad of features designed to help event organisers plan any event. However, you don’t need to explore all its functionality to achieve success.  Our guide leads the way, directing you to create visual plans of your road race easily and efficiently.  

For convenience, Iventis provide a Road Events toolkit; a dedicated category within the Planner containing specific templates for road events, conveniently in one place. You’ll find 2D and 3D templates of objects such as crowd barriers, distance markers, bike racks, and more!   

As much detail as you need 

Our guide is designed to cover the fundamental planning essentials for any road event. However, we understand that they can differ in factors such as size, budget, location and audience interest.  

Whatever the scale or complexity of your road event, the Iventis Planner can improve the efficiency of your planning process; whether you anticipate thousands of supporters and numerous road closures or you’re organising a small local event with little to no public impact. 

Ready to explore? 

Iventis offers a 14-day trial which gives you access to our planning features for FREE. Discover more about the trial and how to take advantage of it here. 

Armed with a step-by-step guide and an opportunity to try the Planner today, you’re ready to go! Grab the guide here

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