Build Digital Showground Plans

  • Map every detail of your show: areas, trade stands, arenas, infrastructure, and more 
  • Plan individual elements like security, then merge into one visual plan 
  • Test new showground layouts and plan routes efficiently 
  • Share specific plan layers with caterers, traders, and councils 


Agricultural Show Planning

Simplify Trade Stand Planning

  • Experiment with trade stand layouts across acres of showground 
  • Centralise trader details for team-wide access   
  • Send traders a link with the most direct route to their exact stand location 
Agricultural Show Planning

Improve Visitor Experience

  • Embed a public-facing digital map of the show on your website  
  • Offer visitors the opportunity to plan their visit in advance 
  • Provide stand and location details to help visitors efficiently plan their routes 
Agricultural show planning

The Choice of Leading Agricultural Show Organisers

“I needed a solution that could help me visualise the new site and our event’s layout, providing accuracy and an easy-to-use system. It makes it so much easier to plan the site and test new layouts on Iventis, where you can move trade stands around to find the best fit. A lot of our team have worked with large, paper maps in the past. They wanted to see the plans in the same format, so being able to print exactly what I needed to show them was really helpful.”
Agricultural Show Planning
Liz Parkin, Show Manager Nantwich Show
"We're excited to partner with Iventis to bring our event planning into the digital age. The Iventis technology has revolutionised how we plan our show, particularly in positioning trade stands. With its intuitive interface and powerful layering capabilities, we can now effortlessly visualise and organise over 600 stands across our 96-acre showground."
Agricultural Show Planning
Lisa Moore, Show Manager Devon County Show

From Paper Maps to Digital Plans

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