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Create staffing and stewarding plans with speed and precision

  • Develop stewarding dot plans across your site in minutes
  • Select existing templates or customise your plans to suit your exact requirements
  • Attach essential attributes such as dates, costs and roles

Plan and design crowd management measures

  • Create barrier plans using scaled 3D models
  • Design wayfinding, signage, and visitor information schemes
  • Develop visitor flows and routes

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Effortlessly calculate crowd capacities

  • Instantly measure areas to calculate accurate crowd capacities
  • Analyse flow rates including evacuation capacities of exits
  • Visualise crowds for informed decision-making on safety

Collaborate, present, and share plans seamlessly

  • Work with your team to develop comprehensive plans
  • Present plans to safety authorities and stakeholders
  • Easily share the latest plans with suppliers

Trusted by the World's Best Since 2015

"Iventis helped us to provide a solution-led, end to end service for organisers of The Game Fair from CAD drawings and live operational planning to a visual sales tool that helped mark out the site on the ground."
Rupert Bassadone Founder, Event Site Design
“Birmingham 2022 is the largest event to be held in the UK since London 2012. That means it is an incredibly complex operation for us to manage. Iventis allows us to knit all of those requirements together in a single platform. It’s absolutely fantastic and so useful across the supply chain for everybody to have access across all of the different venues and fantastic from an efficiency and commercial value perspective”
Laurence Smith Head of Venue & Event Technology, Laurence Smith, Birmingham 2022

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