Maximise Exhibition Revenue Streams

  • Create immersive 3D event plans to drive new business and exhibition sales   
  • Increase exhibitor yield by showcasing prime locations and differentiated zones 
  • Boost sponsorship revenues by showcasing branding opportunities across signage, zones, stages, and more
Exhibition 3D visual plans

Cut Operational Errors by up to 60%

  • Build unified plans for exhibition organisers, venue teams, contractors, security, and registration services providers 
  • Optimise resource planning to reduce unnecessary infrastructure costs 
  • Secure better rates from suppliers by capturing and analysing bill of materials data
Conference planning software

Your Trusted Planning Partner for Exhibitions of Any Size or Complexity

“I needed a solution that could help me visualise the new site and our event’s layout, providing accuracy and an easy-to-use system. It makes it so much easier to plan the site and test new layouts on Iventis, where you can move trade stands around to find the best fit. A lot of our team have worked with large, paper maps in the past. They wanted to see the plans in the same format, so being able to print exactly what I needed to show them was really helpful.”
Agricultural Show Planning
Liz Parkin, Show Manager The Nantwich Show
"The Iventis Planner, the preferred geospatial visual event planning tool at Dubai Expo 2020, facilitated efficient planning across multiple operational areas from initial to detailed planning stages, through to delivery. It optimised exhibition planning across multiple venues, within specific services such as transport and logistics and security and crowd safety, to plotting visitor experiences and providing a live timeline of events. The tool delivered immense planning efficiencies and value for the entire event organising team and specialised service delivery partners."
Exhibition Planning
Patrick Cadlec, Lead Manager Operations Services, Dubai Expo 2020

Improve Sustainability: Slash Onsite Visits by Up to 75%

  • Optimise logistical pathways to and from exhibitions such as ingress/egress routes 
  • Cut costs and material waste by eliminating unnecessary infrastructure and resources 
  • Map the most carbon-efficient transport services routes  
exhibition planning

Enhance Visitor Wellbeing

  • Use crowd analysis tools to ensure inclusive and safe attendee experiences 
  • Develop contingency redundancy plans for reduced capacity scenarios 
  • Create tailored visitor experiences for media, speakers, and attendees  
Exhibition 3D visual plans