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Bid farewell to multiple planning files in PowerPoint, Google Maps, or CAD, and the challenge of managing client updates across various channels.

Planning tools

Minimise Reliance on Costly CAD Software

Switch to a map-based event planning platform for a cost-effective and collaborative way to share progress and real-time site plans with your customers.

Planning software

Collaborate In One Space

Communicate with your team and clients across the most up to date plans, expediting decision-making and improving efficiency.

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"Iventis allows us to start planning without first having to visit our customers’ site. It reduces the need for travel and allows us to test assumptions to get the most out of a site survey."
Scott Cullimore, Channel Director International Evolv Technology
“Having the ability to share and collaborate using data which would usually be held in spreadsheets, presentations, emails and documents saves time and money. In our opinion, Iventis offers the best and only solution that allows a birds-eye view of everything.”
Transport Planning
Neil Huddart Director

Exceed Client Expectations

Present impressive and accurate 3D visuals of the entire site or a particular functional area.

Reduce Risks

Tools to help you meet tight deadlines, eliminate version control chaos and prevent costly mistakes. One plan, one version, one seamless client experience.

Planning tools

Do you have client projects for particular functional areas?

Explore our tailored event coordination software.

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