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Comprehensive production planning all in one place

  • Flexible design tools for speedy creation of site and operation plans
  • Full team access for effective collaboration
  • Infinite customisation for every requirement

All-in-one hub for every project, event and location

  • Centralise all plans and projects seamlessly organised
  • Control access to plans with customised permissions
  • Combine CAD drawings with maps for precise venue planning

Event production and management made a whole lot easier

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Collectively create production plans

  • Users and functions can plan independently, then unify efforts
  • Real-time visibility and updates across every department’s plans
  • Analyse plans, monitor quantities, and track costs using attributes

Share, present and visualise plans

  • Instantly share plans with stakeholders, suppliers and customers
  • Showcase plans using gaming-quality graphics
  • Create a dynamic event timeline

Trusted by the World's Best Since 2015

“The Iventis mapping software has been instrumental with plotting, measuring and storing the relay route on a secure platform. It allows relay planners to use the mapping software as a development tool, creating and amending the routes. Additionally, it allows for multiple user groups, with various access rights, to view or edit plans and see real-time route amendments. Plans can be shared via a link or exported in KML and PDFs files.”
festival planning tool
Otto Kamenzin Torch Run Senior Manager
"Iventis helped us to provide a solution-led, end to end service for organisers of The Game Fair from CAD drawings and live operational planning to a visual sales tool that helped mark out the site on the ground."
Rupert Bassadone Founder, Event Site Design

Collaborative event operations planning

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