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Centralised city-wide planning

  • Plan all locations, from activations to festival sites, in one place
  • Customise every aspect with limitless flexibility
  • Seamlessly integrate CAD drawings for detailed venue planning

Collaborative planning in action

  • Plan multiple locations as a team
  • Independently plan or bring together to see the whole picture
  • Real-time availability of the most recent versions

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Work with stakeholders and partners

  • Share plans instantly with city authorities, transport agencies, and beyond
  • Gather feedback and comments for enhanced planning
  • Explain complex plans clearly and interactively

Visualise, share and showcase plans

  • Generate PDF exports for external sharing
  • Walkthrough plans with gaming quality graphics
  • See the whole operation, including timelines

Trusted by the World's Best Since 2015

“The Iventis mapping software has been instrumental with plotting, measuring and storing the relay route on a secure platform. It allows relay planners to use the mapping software as a development tool, creating and amending the routes. Additionally, it allows for multiple user groups, with various access rights, to view or edit plans and see real-time route amendments. Plans can be shared via a link or exported in KML and PDFs files.”
festival planning tool
Otto Kamenzin Torch Run Senior Manager
“Birmingham 2022 is the largest event to be held in the UK since London 2012. That means it is an incredibly complex operation for us to manage. Iventis allows us to knit all of those requirements together in a single platform. It’s absolutely fantastic and so useful across the supply chain for everybody to have access across all of the different venues and fantastic from an efficiency and commercial value perspective”
Laurence Smith Head of Venue & Event Technology, Laurence Smith, Birmingham 2022

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