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Organising a marathon? Download our guide to planning a marathon using the Iventis Planner

Marathon runners

Organising a marathon takes more than setting up a finish line and letting runners go. There are many aspects to consider, that take race organisers through route plotting, choosing the ideal locations for medical stations and refreshment services, assessing risks, managing crowds and ensuring safety, to obtaining permission from the relevant authorities and agencies.

It’s certainly not a walk in the park!

Iventis helps event professionals to effortlessly plan extraordinary events, and marathons are no different. That’s why we’ve developed the ultimate guide to planning a marathon using the Iventis Planner. It takes you through the process of organising and delivering a successful marathon. (Planning for a different type of road race? We’ve got you covered – check out our blog!)

If you’re ready to get straight to it, download our guide here. Alternatively, keep reading to learn more about the planning process and what you can expect from planning a marathon with Iventis.


One step at a time

As with any road race, marathons are completed one step at a time – and the same can be said for the planning of your event. Whatever its scale in terms of number of participants, road closures, and expected crowds, creating visual plans and maps are essential for success.

You’ll also be collaborating with various stakeholders and agencies, each with distinct concerns and levels of authority, and keeping the public informed about potential disruptions.

The Iventis Planner brings organisers, stakeholders, and agencies together within one visual planning platform. It helps marathon organisers to create visual map-based plans, share them with agencies and stakeholders, and collaborate on plans in real-time.

So, if you’re currently using CAD software, which can take considerable time, money, and expertise to create visuals, or using a variety of applications like PowerPoint and Google maps to pull plans together, stop! Take a look at our guide. It provides step-by-step instructions for creating detailed plans for every aspect of a marathon. Each step is detailed, clear and brought to life by full-colour imagery taken directly from the Iventis Planner.


No getting lost

The Planner offers a comprehensive range of features designed to help organisers of any event, but you don’t need to worry about exploring all the available features. The guide points you in the right direction at every turn, therefore ensuring a streamlined and intuitive planning experience throughout.

To make things easy, Iventis provide a Road Events toolkit; a category within the Planner that contains a set of specific road event templates providing everything you need to plan a marathon in one handy place. So there’s no time wasted searching for the crowd barrier, distance marker or water station! We show you how to easily access the toolkit and return to it with every new addition to your plan, providing a constant ‘base’ from which you can develop your marathon.


The bare bones or the best in show

We understand that there are a range of factors that might limit the extent of your marathon planning. Budgetary restrictions, local approvals and even the terrain of your city. Our how-to guide supports you in planning a marathon of any scale, complexity or budget.

Expecting thousands of supporters and multiple road closures? Keep plans in one place with Iventis. Organising a smaller event with a simple route? Streamline the experience with visual planning. There are no limitations – whatever your marathon looks like, Iventis can help you make it happen.


Why not try it for yourself?

Iventis also offers a 14-day trial which gives you access to the planning features completely FREE. Find out more about the free trial and how to take advantage of the offer here.

So, with a full step-by-step guide to support you, and no cost to try the platform out yourself, what’s stopping you? Download the guide today and start planning your marathon using the Iventis Planner.

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