Accelerate Team Planning

  • Plan every functional area in one space
  • Merge plans to minimise mistakes, rework, and missed opportunities
  • Stay up to date with the latest version, always

Your Entire Event Plan in One Space

  • Coordinate all aspects of your sports event management, from accommodation to security
  • Integrate CAD venue drawings into interactive maps
  • Use powerful visuals for seamless presentation

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“We were happy to team up with such a renowned company as Iventis which significantly supported our team in their planning and delivery. The system was used across several functional areas to develop plans and co-ordinate our efforts in the run up to the event.”
Lesleigh Klarmann Head of Guest Services, European Championships Munich 2022

Real-Time Insights

  • Keep a pulse on progress in real-time
  • Confidently manage costs and budgets
  • Develop meticulous day-to-day and hour-by-hour plans

Effortless and Transparent Communication

  • Instantly share plans with stakeholders, suppliers and partners
  • Engage in collaborative feedback through comments and discussions
  • Share information publicly

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