Create Site Plans and Collaborate Live

  • Map every aspect of your event with accuracy: parking, toilets, tents, staging, barriers and more
  • Collaborate in real-time on every aspect including workforce, traffic management and security
  • Plan each detail and areas of your site separately then unite into one combined plan

Simplify Supplier and Stall Management

  • Plot your supplier and stall placements with pinpoint precision
  • Streamline the process of managing stalls and selling pitches
  • Share plans and information with suppliers, stalls, and stakeholders

Trusted by Festival Organisers Since 2015

"Rock World continues to innovate by implementing the Iventis visual event planning solution at The Town, one of the world’s largest festivals. It’s the first festival in Latin America to feature this ground breaking technology. By combining CAD data, satellite images, and 3D models, the Iventis platform provides users with the ability to accurately and collaboratively plan every operational aspect. Plans are consistently up-to-date in one place and it’s incredibly user-friendly and intuitive to use."
Festival planning
Felipe Ribeiro, Logistics, Hospitality and Operations Manager Rock in Rio

Design Crowd Safety and Management Measures

  • Develop visitor flows, routes, and measure accurate crowd capacities in just a few clicks
  • Plot perimeters and add 3D scaled models of crowd barriers to keep visitors safe
  • Design wayfinding, signage, and visitor information schemes
  • Analyse flow rates for ingress, egress, and evacuation capacities of exits

Develop Speedy Staffing Plans

  • Create dot plans for staff, volunteers, contractors, and stewards in minutes
  • Use our template library or customise your plans to suit your exact requirements
  • Attach essential attributes such as dates, costs and roles for analysis

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