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Features that revolutionise your event planning process. And make us unique.

Combine Individual and Team Plans

Create multiple plans and seamlessly combine them for a holistic view of your event site.

Self-Upload CAD Integration

Plan at every level of detail by uploading your CADs of venues and facilities and integrate them into your plans. Or ask us to help you.

Accurately plan in 3D

Utilise our library of 3D models to quickly and accurately visualise event plans.

Seamless Event Timelining

Run your entire event from start to finish with our built-in date and time feature. No need to purchase additional software.

Unlimited Customisation with Zero Constraints

Tailor site plans to your unique event requirements, regardless of event size. No predefined icon constraints!

Immersive 3D Event Visualisation

Embark on an immersive journey through your event space for enhanced planning. Captivate both existing and prospective customers with a stunning 3D showcase of your venue or event space.

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Create Features

Build detailed site maps and keep operational schematics all in one place.

Save Time

Up to 51%

Templates and Custom Layers

Create plans using our library of templates or customise and create your own for anything you need.

Background Map Library

Pick the ideal map background: Satellite, Drone, Topographical for the most realistic plan

CAD & GIS Integration

Unite architectural drawings and maps for a detailed holistic view of an event. Upload yourself or we can help.

Custom Attributes

Customise and store data against any map object to monitor costs, dates and resources.

Accurate Drawing Tools

Draw shapes to accurate dimensions of site aspects such as parking areas.

3D Model Library

Select scaled models for an accurate visual representation of cars, buses, attractions and more

Start creating your own site maps today

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Collaborate Features

Work together on plans in real-time with your team, partners, and suppliers.

Increase Efficiency

Up to 50%

Individual and Team Workspaces

Develop plans with your entire team in real-time. Always up-to-date and synchronised.

Plan Folders

Organise plans into individual and shared workspaces, and use folders for different teams and departments.

Combine Layers from Different Plans

Combine different plans from users and teams to ensure they integrate and work together.

Permission Control

Comprehensive controls over who can view and edit plans.

Audit Log

Log and monitor changes and create multiple versions of plans.

Comments and Discussion

Share plans with other users to receive comments and feedback

See our Collaboration Features in action.

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Share Features

Effortlessly share your entire site plan, or a particular functional area with any stakeholder.

Reduce Errors

Up to 60%

View Only Links

Instantly share your plans interactively with stakeholders, suppliers and partners.

Professional PDF Exports

Save your plans as PDFs in different paper sizes, including a legend, title and scale bar.

Data Export

Export your data to spreadsheets or to geospatial data formats.

3D Visualisation

Bring your plans to life with gaming quality visuals. Explore and walk around interactively.

Visualise Plans by Date and Time

Share day-by-day or minute-by-minute timeline of your plans.

Map Publishing

Publish your plans online to share with the public or event attendees.

See how easy it is to Share your plans. Try for free!

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Analyse Features

Consolidate plans and interrogate operational details to uncover problems and opportunities.

Save Planning Costs

Up to 68%

Analyse and Refine Plans

Bring plans together to ensure they are integrated and avoid gaps.

Measurement Tools

Easily perform measurements such as distances and areas using maps and CAD drawings.

Crowd Capacity Calculators

Quickly calculate the capacity of an area to accommodate people, or an entrance or exit for people flow.

Event Wide Reporting

Calculate quantities and costs across the entire event, helping to monitor budgets.

Journey Time Calculator

Calculate the time to walk or drive a given distance.

Automatic Route Generator

Generate routes using the road network to quickly produce route plans.

Analyse your events like a pro – dive on in!

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Trusted by the World's best since 2015

“Iventis helped us to provide a solution-led, end to end service for organisers of The Game Fair from CAD drawings and live operational planning to a visual sales tool that helped mark out the site on the ground.”
Rupert Bassadone Founder, Event Site Design
“The Iventis mapping software has been instrumental with plotting, measuring and storing the relay route on a secure platform. It allows relay planners to use the mapping software as a development tool, creating and amending the routes. Additionally, allows for exporting KML files and PDFs to key stakeholders. Multiple user groups, with various access rights, allows for key stakeholders to see real-time route amendments.”
festival planning tool
Otto Kamenzin Torch Run Senior Manager

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