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Product Updates to the Iventis Planner: Q4 2023

Google Maps

Since the major update to the Iventis platform in September, our team has been busy developing new features and improvements to elevate the planning experience for our users . Here are some of the highlights:

October 2023

New 3D planning functionality, including dynamically resizable 3D models



The Iventis platform has always empowered users to plan with scaled 3D models of items like furniture, vehicles, barriers, and more. Expanding on this capability, our latest enhancement allows for the dynamic and precise resizing of 3D models. For example, you can now edit the size of tables, tents, and many other items, so users can plan even more accurately. Additionally, attributes can be used to set the type and size of 3D items. 

Share read-only links to plans with anyone!

Share Link

Iventis users can now share a link to a particular plan with anyone, even if they are not an Iventis user. This helps to speed up the process of sharing plans with team members, suppliers, and partners.

Additional updates

  • Layers can be copied
  • Spanish and Portuguese languages are now available
  • New keyboard shortcuts for copying and pasting map objects

November 2023

Expanded Attribute lists for powerful new analysis opportunities

Iventis enables users to capture intricate details about their plans through attributes. List attributes allow users to select from a list when adding objects to a plan such as a venue, type of equipment, role, or anything else.

This new feature provides the capability to expand the attribute lists with additional columns. For example, a furniture list can now be extended to include suppliers, colours, and prices for each item. This unlocks powerful new analysis opportunities, helping users to closely monitor quantities and costs.

Additional updates

  • Users can export their layer data as a GeoJSON file, compatible with various other GIS software
  • Attributes can now be assigned default values
  • The order in which attributes are displayed can now be customised to suit your preferences

December 2023

Google Maps imagery added to background map library

Google Maps

Iventis users can now effortlessly access the latest global satellite and aerial imagery from Google! Google provides one of the most extensive and detailed sets of imagery across the world. This latest addition complements our existing collection of  imagery providers, enabling users to select the most suitable background for their location.

Grouping attribute data to analyse quantities and costs


With Iventis, users have the ability to capture every essential detail for their plans. This encompasses everything from workforce roles and types of equipment to furniture, dates, costs, and more.

The attribute table presents all the data in a table format. Now, users can ‘group’ this data, either by layer or attribute, to instantly see total quantities, costs, or any other specifics. This advanced feature also allows users to group data by more than one level, such as by both venue and layer. Users can conveniently access all of this data directly within the Iventis Planner, without needing to export to a spreadsheet – although the option is still available for users who prefer it.

Grouping attribute data makes it easier for planners to keep track of their total resources and be able to monitor budgets in real-time.

Additional updates

  • Users have the ability to edit and delete the 3D models and icons that they have incorporated into their plans
  • Layers can now be grouped up to three levels deep
  • The Delete key can be used to quickly delete objects from the map

Coming soon…

Our team are busy working on powerful new features and functionalities for 2024. Early in the year, we’ll be launching an enhanced version of our automatic route generator, enabling GPX file import capabilities, and integrating What3Words into the Iventis Planner.

But that’s just the start! We have ambitious plans for next year. Stay tuned and follow our social media channels to keep updated on the latest news and developments!

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