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Iventis 2.0: One Platform. Three Products. Hundreds of Features.

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A Complete Suite of Products and Tools to Accelerate Event Planning Efficiency

The Iventis event planning platform has been a trusted choice for major international events since 2015. We have supported the 2023 Special Olympics, 2022 Commonwealth Games and European Championships, Dubai Expo 2020, UN Climate Change Conference (COP26), and the World Cup, and more. To continue bringing value and market-leading solutions to our customers, our platform has recently undergone extensive and exciting development work.

We’ve harnessed invaluable customer insights, not only from our partnerships with major events, but also from supporting events of varying sizes, scales, and locations. Combining these insights with learnings from the entire event planning cycle, we have taken significant steps to enhance the platform. Through a wide range of developments, our platform has strategically evolved to closely align with the dynamic and diverse requirements of venues, event suppliers, organisers, and consultants worldwide. By doing so, we’re making our powerful planning tools accessible to events of any type or size.

Introducing One Platform. Three Powerful Products. And Hundreds of Features!

Today, we are excited to unveil the Iventis Visual Event Planning platform, version 2.0!

The enhanced platform comprises three products: Iventis Planner, Iventis Scheduler and Iventis Digital Twin. Each product has  a complete suite of features that assist with every aspect of event planning and operations across the full event planning cycle.  In this announcement, we’re diving into the capabilities of Iventis Planner. Details about Iventis Scheduler and Iventis Virtual Venue to follow soon! 

Iventis Planner: Tailor-Made Precision Event Planning

In today’s ever-evolving world of event planning, precision, flexibility, collaboration, and efficiency are non-negotiable factors. The Iventis Planner is meticulously designed to not only meet these expectations, but exceed them.

Whether you are an individual event organiser, a member of a larger planning team, or responsible for a specific functional area, the Planner helps you rapidly create highly detailed event site and operational plans tailored to your unique event requirements. All within a single, user-friendly platform. Internal and external teams can also unite and work together on plans in real-time. By operating in one common space, planning efficiency and effectiveness improves by up to 50%!

We’ve improved existing features as well as developing new ones. They are designed around four essential planning elements and provide users with all the necessary tools and templates needed to plan events of any size, scale or type with ease.  

  • Create Event Site Plans: Build plans for single or multi-site events, or focus on specific operational aspects. Using accurate, flexible and customisable creation tools. 
  • Collaborate in Real-Time: Collaborate seamlessly in real-time with internal teams or external delivery partners, suppliers or stakeholders.
  • Share Plans Effortlessly: Share entire site plans or specific operational plans such as Infrastructure, Workforce or Security and Access Control with any stakeholder.
  • Analyse Event Data: Consolidate plans and interrogate operational details and uncover efficiency savings and mitigate risks. 

To see the features in action, click here!

Beyond the core elements, we’ve also created a wealth of powerful features. We’re redefining event planning as you know it today! 

Highlights include the ability to:

  • Create detailed event site and operational plans for events of any scale or size, eliminating version control chaos and juggling across various tools.  
  • Work together collaboratively in real-time across plans with your team, partners, and suppliers, increasing efficiency by up to 50%. 
  • Plan every aspect of events including infrastructure, transport and logistics, workforce, safety, and crowd management using templates or customising to meet your needs. 
  • Plan accurately using scaled 3D models for a realistic and accurate representation of infrastructure, vehicles and more.  
  • Integrate CAD drawings of venues and facilities directly into maps enabling precise planning of every detail. 
  • Reduce site visits and minimise your event’s carbon footprint with 3D event visualisation and models, cutting site visits by up to 75%. 
  • Share interactive plans of an entire site, or a particular functional area, with external delivery partners and suppliers.  
  • Customise plans and capture attributes such as costs, timings and quantities.  
  • Calculate distances, areas, inventory quantities, and crowd capacities.   
  • Reduce errors and mitigate risk exposure by overseeing all supplier and partner designs within one centralised platform, reducing errors by up to 60%. 

Infinite Possibilities 

The Planner not only expedites and improves the planning process for organisers of events such as road events, conferences, major events, sports events, festivals, and exhibitions. But it is also designed to facilitate precise operational planning of specialised functional areas:

Transport & Logistics
Venues & Infrastructure 
Production & Management
Security & Access Control
Safety & Crowd Management
Event Services
City Operations
And more… 

Venue teams can also reap the benefits by managing their operations and risk exposure, while showcasing their space in the best possible light to prospective organisers. By integrating CAD drawings, you can plan and sell venue space efficiently. Plus, with Iventis Digital Twin, your customers can even explore a virtual 3D version of your space, stadium, conference, or exhibition centre.

So, whether you are an organiser, event supplier or agency, venue or consultant, the Iventis Planner helps to simplify and centralise event and venue planning of any scale or complexity. 

Join Us on This Journey

Iventis Version 2.0 is more than an upgrade; it’s a revolution in event planning technology!

We are really excited about the endless possibilities that it brings to event and venue professionals across the world. And we want you to see it for yourself! Why not explore what Iventis Version 2.0 has to offer, and experience the future of event planning first hand?

Sign up to our free trial  and take a look around. Or, speak to one of our expert planners to set up a demonstration of Iventis 2.0. 

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