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How to Plan your Events’ Transport Logistics using Iventis

Plan event transport logistics

Plan Event Transport Logistics

Planning event transport logistics around any large scale event can be a headache. The intricacies of moving thousands of people around the vicinity of an event is both challenging and time-consuming and can put even the most experienced planners to the test. While communication and organisation are key, having a solid transport management plan in place is paramount. 

There are so many ways that the Iventis Planner can be used in the transport field and we are often surprised at the new and ingenious ways transport professionals use the tool. Here, we look at some of the key attributes of the Planner in helping to plan transport logistics for large scale events across the globe. 

Service-Specific Planning 

From city buses and taxis to private vehicles, Iventis is used to plan the detailed operations for numerous transport services and client groups around a large event. Parking areas, load zones, staging and holding areas are usually identified using Iventis. The platform allows users to visualise the vehicle capacity in car parks and load zones and plan for boarding/alighting passenger queues using Iventis’s crowd measurement tools. 

Vehicle ingress and egress routes to identified parking areas, load zones, staging and holding areas can also be formulated using Iventis, and the platform’s ability to scale from detailed CADs to a wider city view allows routes across cities to be easily designed.

What’s more, Iventis automatically calculates transport operational metrics like distances, walking times and capacities and all routes and operations can be exported to excel or into a shapefile to be used on other GIS software.

Plan event transport logistics

Traffic Management Planning 

Road closures, detours and other traffic management schemes are often mapped on Iventis. The tool’s to-scale drawings allow for detailed traffic barrier, cone, and signage planning across a network. Positions of traffic marshals can also be laid out. Users can export equipment lists to aid in their procurement process. 

The Iventis date and time tool can also be utilised to demonstrate the installation of a traffic management scheme. Including its operation and takedown across a certain period. 

The system also includes, ‘what 3-words’ integration. The what 3-words tool that divides the world into three-metre squares giving each square a unique combination of three words. This is the easiest way to find and share exact locations on a project of scale. 

City, Region and Country Planning 

Whether a Games Route Network (GRN) through a city or an Olympic Torch Relay across a country, it’s easily planned. Transport professionals use the Planner to assess possible routes and engage stakeholders in decisions. 

Additionally, other aspects of transport planning such as traffic management plans, parking lots and load zone spaces can also be mapped. These plans can then be overlaid onto identified routes like the GRN providing a holistic view of an event’s traffic operations. The map can also be zoomed out to provide a wider city context. 

Iventis also integrates any event plans and CADs directly onto the map, making detailed planning at a venue level easy. 

A Platform for all Staff and Stakeholders 

We often find that once a specific team within an organisation start using Iventis, more teams soon ask for access.   For example, event transport professionals often extend access to city and regional transport departments. This is easy to achieve because it is a web-based application. All users need to access the operational plans is an internet connection. Consequently, it is incredibly easy to share information within an event or with stakeholders.

Multiple stakeholders upload GIS data directly in to the platform for others to view, edit and use within their plans. Data such as city signage or VMS infrastructure, CCTV and speed cameras, existing public transport networks, and various isochrones. You name it! Any GIS data can easily be integrated into the system.

Getting the right people to the right places, in a safe, orderly manner is integral to the event’s success. With multiple transport modes and attendees positioned or travelling across thousands of different locations, transport and logistics efficiencies are incredibly important.

We work with destinations, large scale event organisers and federations to support the most complex events. The Planner encapsulates our learnings across many years’ experience, enabling agencies and stakeholders to reap the benefits of a fit-for-purpose solution.

Get in contact with one of our experts to see our event transport and logistics planning tools in action.

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