Planning the Largest Festival in South America with the Iventis Planner

An event touted as ‘the biggest show in the world’ is no mean feat, but this is exactly what Rock World set out to achieve with brand-new music, culture and art festival, The Town. The operational requirements of an event at this scale were significant, and a robust planning tool was required to ensure the festival’s success. 


The event location spanned more than 360,000 square metres, across a variety of zones, stages, and venues. Given the diversity of areas involved, meticulous attention to detail was essential to ensure accurate planning and execution. Rock World needed a tool that could provide flexibility, address every element of the event planning process, and facilitate international planning. 

Designing flexibly 

The scale of The Town demanded a flexible approach to planning. Multiple teams needed to work on the project simultaneously, and it was important that the planning tool could handle large volumes of data across thousands of plan layers, without compromising performance or data integrity.  

International planning and sharing 

A festival of this calibre required input on an international scale – in addition to the Rock World team, the plans had to be shared across international external suppliers, authorities and public bodies. Creating the plans in a format that enables easy sharing and collaboration, therefore, was a priority.  

Unique logistical requirements 

The Town attracted half a million attendees, and the logistical requirements were duly complex. From mapping visitor and VIP experiences to planning city transport services and plotting vendor locations, these critical elements needed to be intricately planned, continually refined, and stored centrally. 


Planning The Town was a complicated endeavour. Rock World needed a tool that was capable of handling the vast amount of information required. The Iventis Planner enabled organisers to plan the event efficiently, saving both time and money, and reducing risks. 

Planning without limitations 

With the Iventis Planner, each user has simultaneous access, and there are no limits to the number of plans or layers that can be created. This meant that each specialist team within Rock World could plan their functions and keep all the information in one centralised space. 

 Global collaboration 

As a web-based platform, the Iventis Planner is available across the globe, providing easy sharing and collaboration for Rock World and its international partners. Plus, with offline sharing, organisers can choose to hide sensitive information when sharing, ensuring data security at all times. 

Purpose-built for events 

The Iventis Planner was built for event professionals, designed to supporte very functional area involved in event planning. From Portaloos to ferris wheels, the extensive library of 2D and 3D models helped bring The Town to life in the planning stages, without compromising on functionality. 

“Rock World continues to innovate by implementing the Iventis visual event planning solution at The Town, one of the world’s largest festivals. It is the first festival in Latin America to feature this groundbreaking technology.”

Felipe Ribeiro, Logistics, Hospitality & Planning Manager, The Town. 


The Town was the largest event of its kind in South America, and needed a planning tool that could support the many moving parts of such a complex project. The team needed to be able to work flexibly, internationally and without compromising on functionality. 

Through the Iventis Planner, Rock World was able to streamline its planning process , creating efficiencies and mitigating risk. 

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