Planning a Major Multi-Sport Event with the Iventis Visual Planning Platform

The organisation of the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games required clear and concise planning, across every aspect of the multi-sport event. Over 5,054 athletes competed from 72 teams, representing 54 Commonwealth of Nations countries and 18 territories. To deliver a logistical project of this size, the organisers required a mapping and visual planning solution throughout the full event life cycle. After a competitive tender, Iventis was selected as the official technology supplier to the event.


The scale and profile of the event meant that each phase of the planning cycle had to be meticulously planned to ensure the games success. The challenges organisers faced featured three key elements.

Logistics and collaboration

The complexity of the Games demanded clear and collaborative mapping for efficient planning, communication, and decision-making.


Organisers had to coordinate the efforts of everyone involved, including stakeholders and suppliers, and move away from managing plans in disparate formats.

Local engagement

Being chosen to hold the Commonwealth Games is a significant honour, and organisers wanted to ensure that the local pride was felt around the Midlands and the wider UK.


The Iventis Planner was designed for large-scale events, making it perfectly equipped to handle the challenges faced by the organisers of Birmingham 2022. The platforms extensive and customisable features helped to ensure the team was in control throughout the process.

Integrated event planning

Our geospatial features allowed the entire planning team, along with stakeholders and suppliers, to collaboratively plan every aspect of the event. This integrated approach eliminated the need for managing plans in disconnected formats, streamlining the process for everyone involved.

Local impact

The partnership between Iventis and the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games was not only prestigious but also locally significant. Being a Midlands-based business, Iventis was ideally placed to develop and harness the regional pride and awareness for the event.


Further to optimising planning for the event itself, the Commonwealth Games Federation is set to continue its partnership with Iventis into the future. This means that the organisers can access a bank of past experiences in a single source of trusted data, for data-driven decision-making.

“Birmingham 2022 is the largest event to be held in the UK since London 2012. That means it is an incredibly complex operation for us to manage. Iventis allows us to knit all of those requirements together in a single platform.”

Laurence Smith, Head of Venue Technology for Birmingham 2022


Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games required a sophisticated approach to planning and coordination. Iventis’ geospatial event planning solution proved instrumental in streamlining the event planning process. Its integration capabilities, local relevance, and long-term partnership with the Commonwealth Games Federation contribute to a more efficient and data-driven approach to organising major events now and into the future.

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“Birmingham 2022 is the largest event to be held in the UK since London 2012. That means it is an incredibly complex operation for us to manage. Iventis allows us to knit all of those requirements together in a single platform. It’s absolutely fantastic and so useful across the supply chain for everybody to have access across all of the different venues and fantastic from an efficiency and commercial value perspective”
Laurence Smith Head of Venue & Event Technology, Laurence Smith, Birmingham 2022
“The Iventis mapping software has been instrumental with plotting, measuring and storing the relay route on a secure platform. It allows relay planners to use the mapping software as a development tool, creating and amending the routes. Additionally, it allows for multiple user groups, with various access rights, to view or edit plans and see real-time route amendments. Plans can be shared via a link or exported in KML and PDFs files.”
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Otto Kamenzin Torch Run Senior Manager
Agricultural Show Planning

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